DLTC FAQ Help Center

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Pre-sale Q & A

Drills are consumables.But if there are non-human damages such as broken teeth of the drill bit, broken drill bit, or bent drill bit after receiving the goods, we can replace or refund the goods for you free of charge.

Store drill bits in a dry place away from moisture.

We support shipping by sea, by air, by land.

Wipe off the moisture on the surface of the drill bit, and apply some lubricating oil on the dry place.

Different drilling materials require different drill bits. We need more help to help customers understand how to use the drill. Follow our blog to learn more about drill bits.

Returns & Exchanges

You can cancel the order before paying the deposit. But if you cancel the order after paying the deposit, we will not refund the deposit according to international practice.

Generally, our drill bits will not be damaged. If there is any damage after receiving the goods, please contact us as soon as possible. And take a video of the damaged product and send it to us. After verification, we can reissue the damaged product for you next time or refund you. But believe us this is very rare.

Our website has sales, you can leave a message or email us or message us.

We have our retailers in Dubai, Europe, Southeast Asia.

Shipping & Recent Orders

You can email or add us as a friend, send us your tool purchase order, and we will quote for you. Then you confirm the price and you need to give us a 30% deposit. We will arrange the production. After the production is completed, you need to pay the balance before shipment. We ship the goods for you, you can choose your own freight forwarding company, or we can find a freight forwarding company for you.

Sure, you can choose someone you trust in China to come to our factory for inspection. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone in China, we can provide you with a video connection to inspect the goods for you.

This needs to determine the length of time according to your country and the shipping method you choose.Contact us to inquire for you.

Of course, we hope that every customer can visit our factory, which will make you trust us more. You will also know that we are a real manufacturer of drill bits.

Because we are a manufacturer, our profit is relatively low, and we have no way to bear the freight. So you need to bear the shipping cost, we suggest bulk purchase by sea, which is cheaper.I wish our company had a ship and I could send it to you for free.

Of course, you can customize your own logo. We are the foundry of many tool companies, congratulations on finding the source manufacturer.