We will attend the 2024 China International hardware Fair
March 20 to 22, 2024
Welcome to our Booth: H8-02

In 2024, another year brimming with opportunities awaits. Hardware tools and building materials exhibitions are set to take place worldwide. Whether you’re seeking top-tier hardware tool suppliers or aiming to acquaint yourself with the latest innovations in hardware technology, attending these exhibitions promises invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

International Hardware TOOLS Fair/Exhibition 2024 Calendar


lightfair international 2024


March 3-6

International Hardware Fair Cologne

Germany (Cologne)

March 7-9

International Hardware Tools Exhibition in 2024

Pakistan (Karachi)

March 26-28

 International Hardware Show

United States (Las Vegas)

March 27-29

Hardware and Metal Processing Exhibition 2024


April 2-5

Hardware Exhibition in 2024

Brazil (São Paulo)

May 15-8

2024 Malay International Machine Tool, Manufacturing, Metal Processing, Hardware, Automation Exhibition


July 3-5

Hardware Tools Exhibition in July 2024 TOOLS EXPO

Kenya (Nairobi)

July 12-13

Columbia Hardware Show in July 2024


September 27-29

Hardware Tools Exhibition 2024 - Fastener Expo+Hand Tools 2024

India (New Delhi) 

August 29-31

International Hardware and DIY Show 2024 - JAPAN DIY SHOW

Japan (Tokyo) 

September 5-7

 Hardware Exhibition 2024 - ExpoFerretera

Mexico (Guadalajara)

September 12-13

International Hardware Show 2024-CoventryToolfair & Elex

UK (Coventry)

September 23-27

International Industrial Exhibition 2024 

Colombia (Bogota)

October 9-12

Hardware and Building Materials Exhibition 2024

Peru (Lima)

October 16-18

Hardware Exhibition 2024


October 9-11

Hardware Tools Show 2024 Tools & Hardware Show

Poland (Warsaw)

October 15-18

International Hardware Exhibition 2024 - Tool Tech

Korea (Seoul)

October 23-25

 Hardware Exhibition AFRICA TOOLS & HARDWARE 2024

Tanzania (Dar es Salaam)

November 14-16

Hardware Tools and Fasteners Exhibition 2024-BITH EXPO

Bangladesh (Dhaka)

November 20-23

International Hardware Fair2024 - Istanbul Hardware Fair 2024

Türkiye (Istanbul)

November 5-8

Hardware Exhibition 2024

Russia (Moscow)

December 5-7

International Hardware Exhibition 2024 INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR India

India (New Delhi)

December 4-7

 International Hardware/Machinery Exhibition 2024

Indonesia (Jakarta)

December 5-7

 Hardware Exhibition 2024

Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

December 12-15

International Machinery Hardware Tools Exhibition 2024

Egypt (Cairo)

Best 8 Hardware TOOLS Exhibition & Light Fair To Attend In 2024

Hardware TOOLS Exhibition & Hardware TOOLS Fair in Asia – 2024

2024 China International hardware Fair

2024 China International Hardware Tools Exhibition
2024 China International Hardware Tools Exhibition

Exhibition date: March 20-22, 2024
Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao New Exhibition Hall)
Website: http://www.hardware-fair.com/

  • Scale:Exhibition Area: 140,000 square meters,Exhibitors: Over 2,600,Expected Visitors: More than 60,000
  • Host: China Hardware and Electrical Industry and Commerce Association
  • Legacy: Established in 1952, spanning over 70 years
  • Highlights:
  • Crucial for China’s hardware manufacturing development
  • Nearly 3,000 exhibitors expected
  • Exhibits:
  • Hand tools,hss drill bit, hole cutter for concrete,twist drill bit,electric tools, mechanical equipment
  • Welding gear, abrasives, security equipment
  • Hardware products, manufacturing machinery, robotics, and more

India (New Delhi) Hardware Tools Exhibition in August 2024 – Fastener Expo+Hand Tools 2024

India Hardware Tools Exhibition
India Hardware Tools Exhibition

Exhibition date: September 27th to 29th
Held period: once a year
Exhibition size: less than 10,000
First held: 2002
Exhibition Hall: Bombay Exhibition Center – NSE Exhibition Complex
Website: https://iihexpo.com/Home

The Hand Tools & Fasteners Fair (HTF) series serves as a crucial platform for showcasing the Indian and international hand tools, power tools, industrial tools, and fasteners industries on a global stage. Over the years, HTF has evolved into the premier destination for industry professionals including CEOs, Plant Managers, Material Managers, and more. This comprehensive event gathers manufacturers, distributors, exporters, and industrial suppliers, facilitating information exchange, discussions, decision-making, and business transactions.

HTF brings together international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers to showcase the latest products and innovations. Concurrently held with five other industry events, including CWE for advanced cutting and welding equipment, IMEX for machine tools, UMEX for second-hand machinery, TECHINDIA for engineering and manufacturing, and WOM for metal production and processing, this integrated platform offers extensive business opportunities for industry professionals across various sectors.

Hardware TOOLS Exhibition & Hardware TOOLS Fair in Europe – 2024

International Hardware Fair Cologne 2024

International Hardware Fair Cologne 2024
International Hardware Fair Cologne 2024

Exhibition English: EISENWARENMESSE
Exhibition date: March 3-6
Held period: every two years
Exhibition scale: greater than 100,000
First held: 1938
Hosting exhibition hall: koelnmesse
Exhibition organizer: Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Website: https://www.eisenwarenmesse.com

The Cologne International Hardware Fair in Germany is one of the largest and most impactful hardware exhibitions globally, happening every two years. It’s considered a must-attend event in the hardware industry. The previous exhibition featured 1,402 exhibitors from 51 countries, spread over a whopping 114,000 square meters. The products showcased included tools, small industrial equipment, fasteners, locks, and home furnishings across five categories. Impressively, it drew 25,000 visitors from 125 countries.

Exhibition Categories:


  • Hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, and motor equipment accessories.
  • Workshop and factory equipment, including industrial and mechanical tools.
  • Tool machinery, compressed gas tools, cleaning tools, and pressure melting tools.
  • Automatic tools and equipment, workshop ingredients, and storage room utensils.

2.Hardware Industry:

  • Compressed air tools and high-pressure cleaners.
  • Welding equipment and workshop accessories.
  • Accessories for stores and storage rooms, ladders, and scaffolding.
  • Health and safety equipment.

3.Fastener Technology and Accessories:

  • Fasteners and repair technology.
  • Furniture metal accessories and small hardware.
  • Metal decorative products, ironware, and bearings.
  • Wire mesh, sanitary ware, and interior/furniture building materials.
  • Automotive and two-wheeler accessories.

4.Construction and Home Improvement Products:

  • Chemical products, interior decoration, and boards.
  • Indoor supplies and accessories, including sanitary ware and lighting equipment.
  • Building materials, accessories, tiles, bricks, paints, and wallpapers.
  • Wooden products, insulation materials, and electrical equipment.
  • Automation accessories and other home improvement essentials.

Türkiye (Istanbul) International Hardware Fair in November 2024 – Istanbul Hardware Fair 2024

Turkiye International Hardware Fair
Turkiye International Hardware Fair

Exhibition date: November 20-23
Held period: once a year
Exhibition size: less than 10,000
First held: 2017
Hosting venue: Istanbul Expo Center / CNR Expo
Website: https://istanbulhirdavatfuari.com/en/

The Istanbul International Hardware Fair is a cornerstone of Türkiye’s hardware industry, standing as one of the largest exhibitions in the region and holding significant influence across Europe and Asia. This prestigious event offers a vital platform for industry professionals to exchange insights, showcase innovations, and access essential information through various channels, including print media and the exhibition’s website. With Türkiye’s strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, the fair serves as a crucial meeting point for manufacturers and buyers alike, attracting a diverse audience from across these continents.

Organized by the team behind the renowned Russian Hardware Exhibition MITEX, the Istanbul International Hardware Fair is Türkiye’s premier showcase for hardware tools and related products. Featuring top brands such as BOSCH and KNIPEX alongside exhibitors from China, the fair offers a comprehensive view of the industry’s latest developments. Professionals from various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and automotive, converge at the event, creating a dynamic environment ripe for business opportunities and networking.

UK (Coventry) International Hardware Show in September 2024-CoventryToolfair & Elex 2024

UK International Hardware Show
UK International Hardware Show

Exhibition in English: GLEE BIRMINGHAM
Exhibition date: September 12-13
Held period: once a year
Exhibition scale: 20000-50000
First held: 1984
Hosting venue: National Exhibition Center (NEC)
Website: https://elexshow.info/coventry/

Glee, held annually in Birmingham since 1984, is one of the UK’s premier garden tools and hardware exhibitions. Organized by Hyve, a respected British exhibition company with a global presence, Glee attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world, fostering active trade and business opportunities.

As the UK’s comprehensive trade show for garden tools, gardening, outdoor furniture, and pet industries, Glee is renowned for showcasing new products, industry trends, and creative inspiration. The last exhibition saw 550 companies and over 10,000 professional visitors, with Chinese exhibitors noting the UK market’s higher sales prices and favorable profit margins compared to the US and Germany, offering promising opportunities for international expansion.

Hardware TOOLS Exhibition & Hardware TOOLS Fair In America – 2024

2024 United States International Hardware Show

2024 United States International Hardware Show
2024 United States International Hardware Show

Exhibition date: March 26-28
Held period: once a year
Exhibition scale: 20000-50000
First held: 1945
Hosting venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Exhibition organizer: reed exhibitions
Website: https://www.nationalhardwareshow.com/en-us/show-planning/show-information.html

As the largest professional hardware exhibition in the United States, the 2024 Las Vegas Hardware Tools Show has a vast exhibition area of 120,000 square meters. The show is expected to have 10,218 exhibitors and 768 exhibiting brands, providing attendees with a major platform to discover sought-after hardware products and enhance foreign trade business.

Mexico (Guadalajara) Hardware Exhibition in September 2024 – ExpoFerretera 2024

Mexico Hardware Exhibition
Mexico Hardware Exhibition

Exhibition in English: EXPO NACIONAL FERRETERA
Exhibition date: September 5-7
Held period: once a year
Exhibition scale: 50000-100000
First held: 1989
Hosting venue: Expo Guadalajara Website: https://www.expoferretera.com.mx/

EXPO NACIONAL FERRETERA, held in Guadalajara, Mexico, is Latin America’s leading hardware exhibition, organized by Reed Exhibitions. Running from September 5th to 7th, 2024, it’s the region’s largest and most professional hardware showcase, ranking as the third-largest globally.

Mexico’s hardware market is on a steady rise, thanks to government-driven infrastructure projects attracting foreign investment. Chinese construction companies, known for quality and affordability, are finding increasing favor in Latin America, driving market expansion.

The Guadalajara Hardware Show rivals the impact of the Cologne Hardware Show, attracting industry giants like TRUPER and international brands such as 3M and Bosch. Despite global economic challenges, the exhibition thrives, reflecting Mexico’s market appeal and the show’s excellence in exhibitor attraction.

Drawing a diverse audience from around the world, including North and South American customers and even visitors from Asia, the exhibition offers an ideal platform for Chinese companies seeking to expand in the South American hardware market, catering to retailers, wholesalers, and government agencies.

Hardware TOOLS Exhibition & Hardware TOOLS Fair in Africa – 2024

Kenya (Nairobi) Hardware Tools Exhibition in July 2024 2024 TOOLS EXPO

2024 Kenya Hardware Tools Exhibition
2024 Kenya Hardware Tools Exhibition

Exhibition in English: AFRICA BUILD SHOW – KENYA
Exhibition date: July 3-5
Held period: once a year
Exhibition size: less than 10,000
Hosting venue: Kenyatta International Conference Center
Website: https://kenya.africabuildshow.com/

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Nairobi, the African Architecture Show emerges as Kenya’s largest and most specialized congregation of international architecture professionals to date. Positioned as your gateway to Africa’s burgeoning markets, it serves as an unparalleled global stage for networking, collaboration, and commerce.

With Kenya’s economy outpacing the global average growth rate, the Kenya Africa Construction Show presents a compelling opportunity to tap into the continent’s dynamic multi-billion dollar construction sector.

This exhibition offers an optimal B2B platform for manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipment to engage with a diverse audience, including professionals, contractors, property developers, architects, importers, and government officials.

An extensive marketing campaign will be deployed to target construction industry professionals not only in Kenya but also in neighboring countries, ensuring a robust turnout of trade visitors from various sources.

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