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Since 2001, Our company has been focusing on producing hardware tools for more than 20 years.

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The DLTC® drill bit series is made of high-quality 40cr steel and raw material YG8C cemented carbide as raw materials. It is more beautiful than ordinary drill bits and has a longer service life.

High Quality twist drill

M35 Twist drill、6542 Grinding twist Drill、6542 double twist drill、4341 Rolled Twist Drill、4341 Twist Drill、9341 Twist Drill


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DLTC The most professional drill bit factory in China
Since 2001

our company is one of the first companies in China to start making drill bits. The company mainly produces various series of electric hammer drills, hole saws, twist drills, link rods, steel chisels and other products.You are welcome to contact us to visit our drill bit factory.

sDS Plus Chisel、HEX Chisels、sDS Max Chisel、PH65A Chisel、square shank

It is forged with 40CR steel and processed by high temperature quenching. It has better steeliness and hardness. It is a necessary tool for grooving, wiring, removing stones and walls, removing sharp projections, and decorating construction sites and homes.

SDS Plus hammer drill bit cross tip

The DLTC® rotary hammer drill bit series has an enhanced steel bar protector to improve the durability of hard aggregates and steel bars. It can increase the speed of the electric hammer drill by up to 30%, and is suitable for objects with high hardness and brittleness, such as concrete, brick walls, stones, granite and other hard objects.

Tungsten steel +40CR

No fear of steel bars, no stuck drill bits, easy to pass through within 6mm.

variable flutes

The variable flute allows for maximum debris extraction leading to up 20% more holes per charge in cordless rotary hammers while making it a very durable bit in corded and cordless rotary hammers.

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